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ISI Building Products is dedicated to innovation and committed to providing high-performance products for the construction industry and custom, quality solutions for our customers—with the service to back it up.



Our wide range of insulation products and accessories are engineered to solve everyday building challenges. Whether you’re looking for recessed light covers, radiant heating products or reflective insulation, we have the solution for you.


Vapor Barriers

Engineered with superior performance characteristics, our Viper line of high performance vapor barriers are available for a variety of applications including under-slab, crawl spaces and general moisture control.


Building Wrap

Our innovative building wrap products provide high performance along with superior air and moisture protection where a weather-resistive barrier is needed. Our Wraptor line of house wrap products maintains integrity in high winds and demanding job site conditions.


Private Labeling

We offer private label and personalized branding. By providing us with logos, designs and other specifics, we will help create a custom private label to proudly represent and market your business on every job. Take your company to the next level with private labeling.


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We Manufacture Ideas Into Solutions

Our research and development process starts with customer feedback. Using our industry expertise, we find ways to utilize the best materials and manufacturing technologies to improve existing methods and expand our product lines. Our products are tested in-house and sent to nationally recognized third-party independent testing agencies for further evaluation. This quality control ensures our products are manufactured to meet all industry standards and give our customers building products they can trust.

Quality and Service Excellence

With corporate headquarters in East Peoria, Illinois and manufacturing facilities throughout the Midwest, logistics is effective from both a price and time standpoint. Our central locations equalize shipping points in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our strategically placed warehousing further enhances services in these areas.

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