Wraptor® HP Building Wrap

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Wraptor HP is a non-woven polypropylene building wrap designed to protect exterior wall systems from bulk moisture infiltration. Wraptor HP is non-perforated and engineered to provide optimum levels of air resistance, water resistance and breathability.

Take your company to the next level with private labeling

We offer private label and personalized company branding for the Wraptor house wrap product line. By providing us with logos, designs and other specifics, we will help create a custom private label on quality house wrap to proudly represent and market your business on every job. Take your company to the next level with private labeling.

Wraptor HP Building Wrap

Standard Sizes: 3' x 100', 9' x 100', 3' x 150', 9' x 150'
Custom Sizes Available
Private Labeling Available

Wraptor® HP House Wrap

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