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Nu-Age Films are high performance engineered poly sheeting products used in everyday construction, industrial and agricultural applications. Nu-Age Films are co-extruded from prime grade virgin resin with zero recycled content, thus increasing the films longevity. The co-extrusion manufacturing technology and special virgin resin blends produce a light, strong, durable film outperforming all respective industry standards. Nu-Age Films weigh less per roll when compared to standard plastic sheeting. Nu-Age Films are simply an improvement to conventional economy grade plastic sheeting.

4+ Film
Outperforms 4-Mil Poly
6+ Film
Outperforms 6-Mil Poly
10+ Film
Outperforms 10-Mil Poly

Construction Specification Institute Categories:

  • CSI Division 3: Concrete
  • CSI Division 7: Thermal and Moisture Protection

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