Viper® VaporCheck

Viper VaporCheck is a cross-woven reinforced under-slab vapor barrier specifically designed to prevent moisture migration through concrete slabs-on-grade. The high-density cross-woven reinforcing fibers are fused together using molten polyethylene, creating a high strength product with low water vapor permeability. Viper VaporCheck is ideal for demanding applications requiring the use of a heavy-duty vapor barrier and exceeds all ASTM E 1745 Class A requirements. ASTM E 1745 is the most recognized industry standard for under-slab vapor barrier/retarders.

Viper® Vapor Scrim

Viper Vapor Scrim is a multi-use, reinforced polyethylene, vapor retarder. Viper Vapor Scrim incorporates a high strength nylon-reinforcing layer for use in applications requiring a highly durable yet lightweight material. Applications include construction enclosures, temporary liners and covers, insulation membranes, shipping and packaging, asbestos abatements, fumigation covers, temporary walls/curtains, remediation covers and vapor retarders.

Viper VaporCheck

Standard Size: 12' x 200'
Standard Configuration: 10-mil,16-mil
Custom Sizes, Mil Thicknesses and Colors Available
Private Labeling Available

Viper I

Viper Vapor Scrim

Standard Sizes: 20' x 100', 40' x 100', 24' x 100', 32' x 100'
Standard Configurations: 6-mil (3-Ply), 10-mil (5-Ply)
Standard/Fire Rated Configuration Available
Custom Sizes, Mil Thicknesses and Colors Available

Viper Vapor Scrim

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