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Our line of synthetic roofing underlayments are engineered by combining the technology of high quality, non-woven materials with synthetic cross-woven polypropylene to create a premium product. The cross-woven polypropylene provides high-strength in both directions, creating an overall stronger material than the competition. Synthetic underlayment can also provide an essential layer of protection beneath the roofing material, acting as a secondary barrier to moisture that otherwise may absorb into the sheathing. Whether you are designing, specifying or installing, we have an underlayment to help you get the job done right.

Ensure Quad-Flex (6‑mil)

Our Ensure Quad-Flex underlayment replaces traditional synthetic underlayment. The high quality 8 x 8 cross woven polypropylene material provides strength and walkability, creating a safer working environment.

Ensure Hi-Tac (8‑mil)

Our Ensure Hi-Tac underlayment is enhanced with a backside high-tac coating for a higher performing underlayment with superior walkability, even on steeper roof pitches.

Ensure Pro-Plus (10‑mil)

Our Ensure Pro-Plus underlayment provides maximum strength and traction. The thicker material and increased tensile strength are ideal for higher-end applications, such as metal roofs.

Ensure Quad-Flex

Size: 4' x 250'
Configuration: 6-mil
Private Labeling Available

Ensure Roofing Underlayment

Ensure Hi-Tac

Size: 4' x 250'
Configuration: 8-mil
Private Labeling Available

Ensure Roofing Underlayment

Ensure Pro-Plus

Standard Size: 4' x 250'
Configuration: 10-mil
Private Labeling Available

Ensure Roofing Underlayment

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